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  • Queen of Swords: a novel

    Charmian Chapter III – The Judge What do you give the woman who has everything? It’s a problem. By definition, femininity is yearning for a never-to-arrive completion. Queens, of course, are different. Power is what we yearn for. One thing I’ve learned, if it’s masculine “approval” you’re waiting for; you’ll never get that! Men call…

  • Queen of Swords: a novel

    Whitney:Chapter II – Death I always knew she murdered my father. Does evil have a smell? Only eleven percent of people can detect the odor of cyanide. Almonds. But I am one of the eleven percent. I guess I have a nose for evil. Something about Charmian twitched my nostrils from the beginning. Charmian! That…

  • Queen of Swords: a novel

    Duel between a stepmother and stepdaughter turns deadly. Charmian:Chapter I – The Knight of Swords She would have killed me deader than any snakebite but she was too fat to even realize she was pregnant. So that was the first lucky thing in my lifetime string of magical good fortune, the second being that I…

  • Caving: a comedy

    The End! (SCENE 8. Lights up on our sleeping couple. BO and VAYRE emerge from the other side of the stage.) BOThere they are!(HEDJ sits up but does not rise) HEDJFinally! BOYeah, I see how hard you were looking for us! HEDJBuddy, I got swept away by a RIVER of SLIME! What’s your excuse? REV(Opening…

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