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  • Woman Into Wolf: the play

    (Scene 9. Lights up on PERSEY House set where ROY & JAROD wrestle by firelight while the hot tub smokes suggestively and the eyes in the portrait track their movements. NED & PERSEY at the door. WOLF SPIRITS gather around and on top of the house, eyes blinking on & off. NED beckons JAROD aside,…

  • Woman Into Wolf: the play

    Act 3 Scene 8(The forest outside JAROD’s house. PERSEY is dragging DIGGER along by his collar.) PERSEY DIGGER! I need you!What the heck is your problem? (DIGGER is doing everything he can to stall and resist. TREES surge, rustle, threaten. WOLVES howl.) Are you scared of coyotes?I thought they were your friends. (DIGGER covers his…

  • Woman Into Wolf: the play

    (NED the cop exits; having to push vines aside. DIGGER runs out between his legs to dance with his friends. PERSEY throws herself on sofa, dials phone. Cell phone rings on BISH making his way through audience. Ring tone is Strangers In Paradise.) BISHPersey! You’re just the person! (He leans on an audience chair arm,…

  • Woman Into Wolf: the play

    Scene 7(Later. PERSEY’s house. She wears cleaning overall and carries duster & spray can. NED the cop in plain clothes knocks at the door. She’s surprised to see him.) NED(Very relaxed, strides in carrying folders)Some place you’ve got here.Looks like your help has help. PERSEYWe’re do-it-yourselfers.Um…how can I assist? NEDReady to work?(Shakes the folders at…

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