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Cuck’d: a play

Talent Show – Emily’s Poem: Stage apron – (Oscar slumped in a wheelchair wearing stained sweats. Darla feeding him from a baby food jar – Emily dressed in camouflage holding rigid military pose – arms locked behind her – Rocky on drums, Victor on tambourine – all in pseudo-military gear)

Come on, baby
Open up!
Here comes the
Carrot airplane!
Who likes carrots?
You like carrots!

(Wipes his chin)

Cause carrots make you
Strong! Carrots
Make you smart!
Make a guy
See in the dark,
Open up, Big Boy! I’m
Comin’ in!

Once I was young
Now I’m old
I thought I could do anything
Except what I was told
I didn’t listen
I went my way
Kids are stupid
Children are cruel
We don’t learn
What we need to know in school.
Why is sex?
What is love?
Why knock me over
When I give you a hug?

Everyone warned me – they
Said: Hang back
And pray!
Pray things will get better
Don’t volunteer.
Don’t be a
Bleeding heart,
Chill out, have a beer!
Don’t be a know-it-all
Try not to fear.
Wait for an invite.
Wait for a year.

I didn’t listen
Cause I thought I knew more
Something I wanted
Was out past the bores
Something was calling me
Summoning me.

(Darla wipes Oscar’s chin and positions the wheelchair so Oscar can see Emily better.)

Now I’ve seen reality
And I’m here to tell you
That thing I was wanting
Was ME
All along.
I was my friend and
I was my lover
I was my sister and I was
My brother.
No one SEEMS caring
But if ONE person cared
Things gotta get better
Till no one is scared.
I’ve got the power and now
So have you.

(Thumping her heart with a fist)

I’m different, now
I am changed. Now
I’m in motion;
Now I’ve got game.
Each one evolving
In our different ways
Here’s hoping –
I’m hoping –
For YOUR better day.

(Emily bows low. Darla applauds, makes Oscar’s hands applaud. He looks confused but excited)

That was beautiful!
Wasn’t that
Beautiful, Oscar?

(She tries to wipe his face)

Oscar, are you
Crying? Is that a tear?
Oh no, I guess
That tear’s always there.

(Rocky & Victor come bow with the two girls. Oscar still applauding. THE END.)

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