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  • #Haiku:

    Anxiety Worried the future Stumbles Over Now? Chaos theory says Surprise!

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  • Impure Women

    Between my breath and your breath Beneath the phallic philanthropic statues on The volcanic dragstrip of my city The wounded in the scorched earth policy Of love Muster, linger, await Embodiment. Pills to make their hearts race faster have Stopped their faces dead as clocks That witnessed crimes unspeakable To mothers versed in tabloid gore.…

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  • Sylvia Plath

    The Festering Weight : I know you deceived me with the bald-headed lady My true kin; My mother renounced Your swollen giblets in my name. See? I bleed tulips. It’s happened twice before; I seed the earth With children, little miracles. I give them their inheritance – a   Carriage full of baby dung Flung Down…

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  • Bed & Breakfast

    “That wing of course is closed” said Magda whose venomous green eyeshadow matched her voice; “I’d have that lanced if I were you” thinks Reni Who never says exactly what she thinks. “Wrong word:  wing” Thinks Andreas “to use about a house tethered toad-like to the lawn A real fixer-upper”. Andreas never says what he…

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  • Christina Rossetti

    CHRISTINA ROSSETTI – The Garnered Blood The spinster sister lay in the library Throat engorged with pus Coughing and writing as The party raged around her She wrote of goblins and harebells and Withheld grace. She had Good reason to complain Of harsh treatment from her lover He who turned away his face No matter…

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  • Gothic Novel

    A woman alone is open, gaping like a button hole without a button hook. She carries her muff before her like an offering Flic, flic! The eyes of strangers slit the pause like razors. This railway carriage stinks of creosote, wet fur. “I prefer the window up, thank you” “I prefer it down” She lights…

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  • Escaping

    Leaving the Coven A craven of cronies stood Between us & God God hated short skirts, God Demands clones. A damnation of judges Stood between us & Knowledge; truth exists Only in service to others. A clowder of cretins Stood between us & Art: “Don’t be disturbing” “Never trust instincts.” From the depths of This…

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