Am I a Success?

My books have sold over 100,000 copies so YES except –
I’ve made very little money BUT…
Devlyn has a brisk re-sale so readers must like it BUT…
Even though Find Courtney got excellent reviews hardly anyone read it BUT…
Come to think of it, I’ve only ever had good reviews. (Many raves.) Only one bad one I know of. BUT…
The people who are closest to me seem untouched & unimpressed BUT
Several strangers appreciated exactly what I was doing and called me their “favorite author” BUT
Wasn’t able to get an agent because I didn’t have a big enough “following” or “platform” BUT
transitioned easily to plays, wrote 8 with much pleasure, won three prizes, had a small New York opening BUT…
I had a horrible director who didn’t understand the play BUT…
I thoroughly enjoyed working with and learning from the actors
Felt silenced & stymied by the pandemic
Have been working on transcribing my diaries, (Inspired Pleasure) am NOT intimidated by getting old – so –

Am I a success?

It really depends on your definition of success. My definition
of success is to:

1) Never stop writing
2) Draw joy from writing
3) Achieve “flow” while writing (i.e. a blissful state)
4) Feel I am advancing in my spiritual path
5) Using art to connect with others.

So, yes. I am.

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